About me

Hello! I am just a girl from central California who is striving to reflect Christ with my life and go wherever He leads. (Which, for now, is Northern Italy!) I am free in Him -- free to live for Him and through Him, but also free to stumble, learn, and grow along the way.

Fields of study: psychology, social work







Occupations: caring for children, office administration, writing.

Passions: supporting others in their own passionate pursuits, loving the fatherless and the brokenhearted.

Hobbies: engaging in deep conversation with good coffee in hand, enjoying nature.



Let’s collaborate!

My goal is to write captivating pieces that spur introspection and deep thinking in my readers. When I write for other brands, I strive to produce articles that my clients are proud to promote. I accomplish this by actively listening to the client’s needs, familiarizing myself with the brand, and revising the piece until all parties are satisfied. Click here if you’d like to work with me!